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Vision & Mission

kanpur Vidyapeeth

In India there are millions of kids who are deprived of good education because they cannot afford it. It becomes inaccessible to them for more than one reason. Kanpur Vidyapeeth was established to solve the problem of such children in particular, and it was clear that making quality education available to them through distance learning is the ideal solution. The internet offers a good medium of interaction as well as a platform for application in this form of education system.

Our organisation was initiated with the vision to make education accessible to all sections of the population. That vision transformed into our mission which was initiated by starting our Kanpur Vidyapeeth centre. The objectives of our organisation have been:-

  • To solve the education problems of students coming from lower strata of society, so that they can afford quality education without leaving their home.
  • To help the female students to receive education while staying at home. Make available all types of courses for her, so that it enables her to not only make a living but also raise a family on her own.
  • To end the discrimination between the male and female child when it comes to education. This is made possible by making available affordable quality education while sitting at home.
  • To help the parents of aspiring in fulfilling their dreams of getting quality education for their children without falling prey to commercialised education centres, learning institutes and others.
  • To create a network of study centres across the country, particularly in those areas where quality education is not available.
  • Since it is a distance learning programme offered by the university, there is no question of restriction of admission based on limited availability. Students just have to get themselves enrolled by following a simple process and pay the fees, after which the study material is sent to their home.
  • To help professionals who do not have time to pursue certificate courses for career advancement. Indeed, quality distance learning programmes remains the only alternative for them to gain an edge in the competitive job market. For this reason, we have centres in the developed areas of the country too.
  • Providing online access of the courses so that anyone with an internet connection is able to enrol for the course and appear for examination.


We hope to achieve the objectives that we set forth before us by being dedicated to bring quality education to less privileged students, as well as those professionals who are unable to find time to pursue higher degree courses.