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Mission of Kanpur Vidyapeeth

Kanpur Vidyapeeth

Kanpur Vidyapeethhas been started as an initiative to spread education to the less privileged section of the population. After Independence, people coming from the lower strata of the society have successfully adopted many professions. With a flair for learning, they have been able to cross all the hurdles of their adverse economic condition. This university was established to give a boost to such individuals and to encourage more such people coming from that part of the population.

We were aware of the difficulties faced by students coming from such a society. Their parents had to endure many hardships just to make sure that their children get a good education by going out of town. Kanpur Vidyapeethprovides free education to such students and solves their problem of having to leave their hometown. They can build their career at their own place, saving a lot of time and money, besides the loneliness of homesickness that is inevitable when one leaves his home.

We leave no stone unturned in bringing quality education to the less privileged children. Our services have been very beneficial for female students, as they could not even consider going out of town for getting it. It is heartening to see many of them taking to the courses that we provide which wereinaccessible to them till now. If we continue in our endeavours, it can be hoped that every aspiring girl child would be able to educate herself and get a respectable employment for raising a family on her own.

One of our objectives has been to end such discrimination in parents between boys and girls when it comes to providing educational facilities. One of the ways of doing this is to make education so easily accessible that parents do not think twice before getting all of their children enrolled. This is where Kanpur Vidyapeeth scores over other educational centres that are more or less commercialised. They cannot help parents in view of their priorities.

We have designed distance-learning courses and have a network of study centres in those places where good educational facilities are not available. All kinds of courses are available from our institute. Moreover, the admission process is much simpler and there are no hassles of lack of seats. This is natural part of any distance-learning programme. Students just need to choose their subjects and study material would be sent to their address.

It is hoped that our humble initiative to bring education to every nook and corner of the country is successful for students who are less privileged, as well as them whose professional compulsions restrict any attempts to gain better certifications. Our centres in thedeveloped areas of the country have that objective as its focus. Our objectiveofmaking education accessible to all sections of the population, be it the less privileged student in underdeveloped area, one with economic constraint, or one who does not have time to pursue a full time course, is achievedbyourcomprehensive distance learning programme with online access.